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Tux, your holiday resort, will captivate you not only with its fascinating natural spectacles and special location but also its eventful history!  

At the foot of the giant glaciers

The Tuxertal is not only the westernmost side valley of the Zillertal but also one of Austria's most beautiful high alpine valleys. The 15 km long valley branches off to the southwest from Mayrhofen in the upper Zillertal and geographically separates the Tux Alps from the Zillertal Alps. The picturesque side valley is divided into the 5 Tux districts of Vorderlanersbach (ca. 1,300 m), Lanersbach (ca. 1,300 m), Juns (1,360 m), Madseit (1,385 m), and Hintertux (1,500 m). Mighty summits, such as the 3,288 m high Gefrorene-Wand-Spitze or the 3,476 m high Olperer, tower above the Tuxertal and add to the phenomenal natural scenery of your holiday destination.   

A journey through time

Finds from the Middle Stone Age prove that people traveled through the Tuxertal in prehistoric times - presumably to trade.
Later, the valley was settled from the Schmirntal to the Tuxer Joch. Shepherds and mountain farmers created the beautiful pastures and clearings over centuries of arduous work. In 889, Tux became a part of the Archdiocese of Salzburg along with other towns in the Zillertal. In 1280, your holiday resort of Tux was finally mentioned for the first time in a document. Characterized by a barren landscape and peasant life, half a millennium passed before the development of the Zillertal Alps gradually began in the 18th century. In the 19th century, the first mountain climbers climbed the mountains of the Tuxertal. In 1865, Paul Grohmann became the first person to climb the Hochfeiler. In 1867, he was the first to ascend the Olperer. Since the completion of the Zillertalbahn in 1902, the romantic Tuxertal has cast its spell on alpinists, adventure seekers, and those seeking relaxation. 

More than just hikers appreciate the unique natural landscape of Tux. In the Ski- und Gletscherwelt Zillertal 3000, the pulse of skiers race faster with excitement with 365 snow days a year on the Hintertux Glacier!